Monday, February 24, 2014

Lets Microsofts goal Nokia Use Android

Since the beginning of its emergence rumors , the Nokia X has invited several controversies . How not , Nokia is known as a loyal partner of Microsoft , now go over to the platform into the software giant 's rivals , Android .

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 What is the real reason behind the launch of the Nokia X , why Nokia brings Microsoft operating systems allow the competitors ?

The presence of Nokia X may be a part of the strategy of " succumbing to win " from Microsoft , the new owners of Nokia which " passed " the device .

Instead of distancing users from Microsoft , Nokia X it is expected will be a gate that leads into the lap of Android users Microsoft .

The trick is to get rid of the style of services , for example Google's Android - Play , Gmail and Maps - from the phone and replace it with a similar service from the Microsoft / Nokia , like Here Maps , Outlook , and OneDrive .

" We will harness the Android ecosystem of applications and hardware , but we added a differentiation with service and user experience of their own, " said Nokia CEO Stephen Elop , as quoted by ZDNet . He himself admitted his intention to capture Android user to the Microsoft ecosystem by spreading various services.

" Nokia X takes the user to the network cloud Microsoft , not Google . This is done in a very deliberate ... with Microsoft hoping to embrace the people who previously were out of reach , " said Elop .

He added that the family of Nokia X will act as a " feeder " for the family and the Nokia Lumia smartphones , and " gateway " to the Windows Phone products from Nokia .

Despite carrying the Android , everything inside the Nokia X is " smelling " Windows Phone . The phone 's serial interface , for example , is designed to be similar to the look of Windows Phone live tiles style , complete with the ability to adjust the size of each tile .

Nokia X can still run applications obtained from stores outside of Google Play Store , such as Yandex , or by doing sideload via micro - SD memory card . Developers are also able to port the application to be marketed through Nokia Store application store installed on Nokia X.

X , X + , and XL
Nokia X family consists of three phones , the Nokia X , X + Nokia , and Nokia XL . This trio of Android smartphone introduced simultaneously in an event at the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona , Spain , Monday ( 24/02/2014 ) .

Nokia X and X + brought together a 4 -inch screen size ( IPS ) with a 3-megapixel camera , but Nokia X + carries a bigger RAM , which is an additional bonus of 768 MB and 4 GB micro - SD .

The Nokia XL has a larger screen , which is 5 inches , 768 MB RAM , and include a front camera with a resolution of 2 megapixels .

Nokia X priced at 89 Euros , or approximately USD 1.5 million and is available starting today . Meanwhile , the Nokia X + and XL is the price of each pegged at 99 Euros or USD 1.6 million and 109 Euros or USD 1.8 million will be available in the second quarter after 2014.

" These devices will be widely available starting in developing countries , " said Elop . state - Megara shall include the Asia - Pacific , Europe , India , Latin America , the Middle East , and Africa.

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Despite having had the Nokia X , Elop said that the strategy of the company remains focused on smartphones smartphone series Lumia . He continued that the new innovations of this company in the smartphone Lumia will be applied first before relegated to other series .


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