Wednesday, June 4, 2014

End Moments Sony PlayStation Portable

End Moments Sony PlayStation Portable

Sony Plasytation , today officially stopped selling PS Portable in Japan after 10 years as a state champion in the Sun 's game , this June . Termination previously done in the country of Sony America .

As reported by Yahoo , Wednesday ( 04/06/2014 ) , a company based in Tokyo , it will gradually stop selling in the European market as well as in Asia later this year . In a statement , Sony said last company to stop selling the PSP in North America in January.
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Sony certainly has a reason to stop Why is the product that has been successful to give the advantage to the company , since its inception first appeared in December 2004 .

Going forward, Sony will be selling intensify the PlayStation Vita is the successor to the PSP . However, according to some analysts Vita has not shown significant sales figures .
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Moreover , during this time they must compete with other Japanese gaming company Nintendo Co ie ' s. But Nintendo also has struggled to maintain momentum in the market both in penjulan game .


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bekasi city administration Ask Parents Accompany Children 20 Minutes

Cases of sexual crimes against minors often happens in Bekasi . Therefore , the Government of Bekasi ask parents to accompany their children every day at least 20 minutes .

This is implemented through the program " 20 Minutes Movement Accompanying Parent Child " . " This movement is about to begin simultaneously across West Java . Not only Bekasi alone . This is because the number of cases of sexual abuse were rife included in Bekasi , " said Regional Secretary Bekasi Rayendra Sukarmadji at Patriot Hall We Jakarta, Wednesday ( 28 / 05 / 2014 ) .

Rayendra said the program is in anticipation of violence against children . Parents with the time set should give time to pay attention to the child .
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Rayendra explains how attention can be different for each parent . Nencontohkan him it could be done by way of clutching children , to worship together , eat together , assisting children to learn , to take the time to their daily lives.

According Rayendra , many parents are too busy working that I forget to accompany his son every day . Children must be met not only clothing , food , and feed . But it should also be given attention and affection .

" Let us fulfill the rights of children with affection and train them to excel , " he said .

Social Service Bekasi noted there are at least 37 legal cases involving children as victims in Bekasi . This amount represents data collected from January to May 2014 .

The program is expected to create closeness antaa parents and children . So that cases of child abuse can be suppressed .


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Presenting "Meaningful Play" Through "Good Game"

Dated 23-25 ​​May 2014 lasted Korea Good Game Show 2014 for 3 full days . Although Korea is well known as a popular online game market , this event through the South Korean government seems to feel the need to further motivate the growth of the local gaming industry that has a positive impact on society .

From the first implementation is in 2009 ( previously bermana Korea Serious Game Show ) , this event continues to increase participants and visitors . Even existing data also indicate that this event is able to catalyze the export of Korean digital creative industries .

With a focus to bring healthy games and potentially positive , Korean Good Game Show to be one exciting event keuarga . Combining different types of games ranging digital games , tabletop ( board games and card games ) , and a physical game , Korean Good Game Show deserves to be a reference to an event can bring quality games .
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Eko Nugroho , CEO and co - founder Kummara which is also known as the initiator Indonesia Play , explained his idea of ​​" Designing Meaningful Play " on the international stage Serious Games Conference , Korea .
For the first time Indonesian speakers present on the international stage Serious Games Conference . Eko Nugroho , CEO and co - founder Kummara which is also known as the initiator Indonesia Playing explained his idea of ​​" Designing Meaningful Play " .

During a presentation, Eco displays some important aspects of the game design to bring the " good game " , or games that can deliver optimal gaming experience . A good game generally has three main characteristics : fun , unique , and players feel every action meaningful . It is the job of a game designer to then combine all of the major elements in the game : objective , gameplay , narrative , and technology to be able to bring the game with three of these characteristics .

A good game is one of the main ingredients to deliver meaningful play , the play activities that provide more than just a fun play experience . There are many good games that have been developed and then anyone can bring meaningful play .

But Eko also explained that there are four basic things to keep in mind ::
That game is not a magic box that can solve all problems , and also not a cause of the problem . Games have the potential and we still should optimize it.
It's hard to find games that are liked by everyone. For that you need to do is memperbayak variation and our knowledge of the game .
Preparation play is important and needs to be part of that also enjoyed .
Excitement should not stop when the game is finished . Strive to always build communication and discussion after the play activity .
Eko concluded his presentation by inviting all parties to both develop a good game as much as possible , to present meaningful play , and optimize the potential of games for a variety of positive things .

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Ahok Call Caci Maki for Prabowo's been Basi

Jakarta Vice Governor Tjahaja Basuki Purnama (Ahok) assess the presidential candidates (candidates) do not require Prabowo already successful team campaign well known in the area because of the wider community. It was announced when he pleaded no instructions become a successful team leader Prabowo campaign-Hatta.

"I'm a baseball is a successful team. Indeed, all successful teams so local officials, except the city that his team leader Taufik just because I've diwakafkan. His image (Prabowo) already well what would be taken care of?" Ahok said at City Hall, Jakarta, Friday (22/05/2014).
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Politicians Gerindra it assesses political strategy Prabowo has been well done. Because it can ward off any accusations of negative issues that hit Prabowo since five years ago, when deciding to enter politics.

"You guys know that one of baseball. If we talk political strategy, Mr. Prabowo was baseball needs to be defended because of verbal abuse had from five to 10 years ago. Which was repeated continuously. Pak Prabowo has risen steadily electability, and verbally abused by the 10 that year. Udah stale boss insults she swore! " Ahok said.

Former Regent of East Belitung was added, just when it is supposed to be a panic is Joko Widodo (Jokowi) and its partner Jusuf Kalla (JK).

"It is precisely the danger Mr. Jokowi dong. Persons clean, nice, people searching for libel if people believe it dangers. If Mr. Prabowo's that baseball is no longer slander, accusations baseball is new again."

"The charge was solely from him come running mate. Society've actually believe baseball (the allegations). Wrote so calm," he continued.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Take Teacher Certification, Asked "Money Envelope" Rp 50.000

A teacher one junior high school in South Jakarta , call it A , admitted to the charges requested by varying the amount of allowance disbursement officer certification South Jakarta Education Agency ( Sub-Department of Education South Jakarta ) .

" Sometimes asked for Rp 50,000 , they would ask ' envelope ' . Was asked if we would take the teacher certification SK , " he told , Thursday ( 05/22/2014 ) afternoon .

Extortion action occurs not only him , but also have certified teachers in junior high . In fact , a number of teachers was to unify the money to be given to the individual civil servants .
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" The latter was raised to $ 1 million . If baseball is so , allowances will be very long descent . Meantime, we need , " he continued .

Teachers who teach subjects Indonesian said , disbursement allowances teacher certification is always problematic , ie since he gained certification in 2007 until 2014 .

In fact , benefits of certification is very important basic salary for a teacher like him . Problems faced , he continued , ranging from cuts in benefits , up to a quaint disbursement mechanism and not on time .

"Like me to sudin this month , baseball taunya dibagiinnya at other schools . Said told to take there . Lah , it must teach our children . How can a truant ? " she said .

" The most true that the division of time in 2009 , it would fit the elections . Was the most good allowances , " he continued .

Confirmed separately , Head of Education Dept. Lasro Marbun surprised . He asserted that making allowances of teachers certified in sudin not charge a penny .

" I 'll check . Must I fired people like that . States must quickly like this , " said Lasro .


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Start uncomfortable PAN Black Campaign

One bearer of a political party presidential candidates Prabowo - Hatta Rajasa , PAN , ranging uncomfortable with a black campaign addressed to the couple.

" We were a bit disconcerting that the smear campaign against Prabowo lately. Media - social media is very free , used as a means to vilify . Several NGOs also seem unfair to judge , " said Chairman of the DPP PAN Partaonan Daulay Saleh in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 20/5 ) .

Chairman of the Central Board of Muhammadiyah Youth , said supporters of Presidential candidate den vice president campaign should avoid black because now is the time to test the vision and work program of each pair .
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" In addition to not educate , black campaign can also diminish the spirit of togetherness in building Indonesia , " he said .

Saleh said there should have been no cause for concern from Prabowo . Because , Prabowo also compete and build democracy in Indonesia in the 2009 Presidential Election legally .

That means , he said , Prabowo has met the administrative requirements and otherwise clean and fit to be leaders in Indonesia.

" They were on the 2009 election supporting Megawati - Prabowo , currently aggressively questioned Prabowo . Was certainly unfair and likely to have a hidden agenda . Why the last presidential election they are not noisy as it is now , " he said .

Saleh accused parties black campaign certainly has an agenda that is intended , instead of raising Indonesia .

Saleh also asked the media to be wise and fair in addressing and preach black campaign conducted by several parties . As a main pillar of democracy , mass media campaigns should prevent widespread black .

"Therefore , the media 's role in providing insight and intelligence of the community is needed , " he said .


Monday, May 19, 2014

Angkasa Pura II Raise "Airport Tax" in Three Airports

PT Angkasa Pura II to raise the airport tax at the three airports , namely Kualanamu Medan International Airport , International Airport Raja Haji Fisabilillah Tanjung Pinang , and the International Airport Sultan Syarif Kasim II Pekanbaru .

Angkasa Pura II corporate secretary Daryanti explain the increase in airport tax was intended to improve services to passengers .

" PT Angkasa Pura II only adjust tariff at airports that have been developed , both in the physical side of the airport building , the level of service , and facilities used , " said Daryanti in the official statement on Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) .
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Daryanto mention , one of the airport tax was increased was Kualanamu field . The service is claimed as the most modern airports in Indonesia , which is equipped with advanced facilities for handling baggage screening the integrated baggage handling system ( IBHSS ) with the highest level of security detection .

IBHSS implementation allows the airport implements open for registration or check -in of passengers such as , among others, Changi International Airport in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia .

" Kualanamu International Airport is also currently the only airport in Indonesia, which is integrated with the rail network in order to provide an alternative mode of transportation for visitors or passenger aircraft , " continued Daryanti .

Here is a list of airport tax hike at the three airports

Kualanamu Field
- The new tariff phase I per May 19, 2014 : USD 60,000
- The new tariff phase II per January 1, 2015 : USD 75,000
- The new rates are per May 19, 2014 : USD 200,000

Airports Raja Haji Fisabilillah
- The new tariff phase I per May 19, 2014 : USD 30,000
- The new tariff phase II per January 1, 2015 : USD 40,000
- The new rates are per May 19, 2014 : USD 100,000

Sultan Syarif Kasim II Airport
- The new rates are per May 19, 2014 : USD 45,000
- The new rates are per May 19, 2014 : USD 150,000