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Presenting "Meaningful Play" Through "Good Game"

Dated 23-25 ​​May 2014 lasted Korea Good Game Show 2014 for 3 full days . Although Korea is well known as a popular online game market , this event through the South Korean government seems to feel the need to further motivate the growth of the local gaming industry that has a positive impact on society .

From the first implementation is in 2009 ( previously bermana Korea Serious Game Show ) , this event continues to increase participants and visitors . Even existing data also indicate that this event is able to catalyze the export of Korean digital creative industries .

With a focus to bring healthy games and potentially positive , Korean Good Game Show to be one exciting event keuarga . Combining different types of games ranging digital games , tabletop ( board games and card games ) , and a physical game , Korean Good Game Show deserves to be a reference to an event can bring quality games .
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Eko Nugroho , CEO and co - founder Kummara which is also known as the initiator Indonesia Play , explained his idea of ​​" Designing Meaningful Play " on the international stage Serious Games Conference , Korea .
For the first time Indonesian speakers present on the international stage Serious Games Conference . Eko Nugroho , CEO and co - founder Kummara which is also known as the initiator Indonesia Playing explained his idea of ​​" Designing Meaningful Play " .

During a presentation, Eco displays some important aspects of the game design to bring the " good game " , or games that can deliver optimal gaming experience . A good game generally has three main characteristics : fun , unique , and players feel every action meaningful . It is the job of a game designer to then combine all of the major elements in the game : objective , gameplay , narrative , and technology to be able to bring the game with three of these characteristics .

A good game is one of the main ingredients to deliver meaningful play , the play activities that provide more than just a fun play experience . There are many good games that have been developed and then anyone can bring meaningful play .

But Eko also explained that there are four basic things to keep in mind ::
That game is not a magic box that can solve all problems , and also not a cause of the problem . Games have the potential and we still should optimize it.
It's hard to find games that are liked by everyone. For that you need to do is memperbayak variation and our knowledge of the game .
Preparation play is important and needs to be part of that also enjoyed .
Excitement should not stop when the game is finished . Strive to always build communication and discussion after the play activity .
Eko concluded his presentation by inviting all parties to both develop a good game as much as possible , to present meaningful play , and optimize the potential of games for a variety of positive things .

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