Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Start uncomfortable PAN Black Campaign

One bearer of a political party presidential candidates Prabowo - Hatta Rajasa , PAN , ranging uncomfortable with a black campaign addressed to the couple.

" We were a bit disconcerting that the smear campaign against Prabowo lately. Media - social media is very free , used as a means to vilify . Several NGOs also seem unfair to judge , " said Chairman of the DPP PAN Partaonan Daulay Saleh in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 20/5 ) .

Chairman of the Central Board of Muhammadiyah Youth , said supporters of Presidential candidate den vice president campaign should avoid black because now is the time to test the vision and work program of each pair .
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" In addition to not educate , black campaign can also diminish the spirit of togetherness in building Indonesia , " he said .

Saleh said there should have been no cause for concern from Prabowo . Because , Prabowo also compete and build democracy in Indonesia in the 2009 Presidential Election legally .

That means , he said , Prabowo has met the administrative requirements and otherwise clean and fit to be leaders in Indonesia.

" They were on the 2009 election supporting Megawati - Prabowo , currently aggressively questioned Prabowo . Was certainly unfair and likely to have a hidden agenda . Why the last presidential election they are not noisy as it is now , " he said .

Saleh accused parties black campaign certainly has an agenda that is intended , instead of raising Indonesia .

Saleh also asked the media to be wise and fair in addressing and preach black campaign conducted by several parties . As a main pillar of democracy , mass media campaigns should prevent widespread black .

"Therefore , the media 's role in providing insight and intelligence of the community is needed , " he said .


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