Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bekasi city administration Ask Parents Accompany Children 20 Minutes

Cases of sexual crimes against minors often happens in Bekasi . Therefore , the Government of Bekasi ask parents to accompany their children every day at least 20 minutes .

This is implemented through the program " 20 Minutes Movement Accompanying Parent Child " . " This movement is about to begin simultaneously across West Java . Not only Bekasi alone . This is because the number of cases of sexual abuse were rife included in Bekasi , " said Regional Secretary Bekasi Rayendra Sukarmadji at Patriot Hall We Jakarta, Wednesday ( 28 / 05 / 2014 ) .

Rayendra said the program is in anticipation of violence against children . Parents with the time set should give time to pay attention to the child .
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Rayendra explains how attention can be different for each parent . Nencontohkan him it could be done by way of clutching children , to worship together , eat together , assisting children to learn , to take the time to their daily lives.

According Rayendra , many parents are too busy working that I forget to accompany his son every day . Children must be met not only clothing , food , and feed . But it should also be given attention and affection .

" Let us fulfill the rights of children with affection and train them to excel , " he said .

Social Service Bekasi noted there are at least 37 legal cases involving children as victims in Bekasi . This amount represents data collected from January to May 2014 .

The program is expected to create closeness antaa parents and children . So that cases of child abuse can be suppressed .


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