Thursday, April 17, 2014

ASDP operates 28 Ship Ahead of Long Weekend

PT Transport Rivers , Lakes , and Indonesia Ferry Crossing Main Branch Merak operate 28 ships " roll on roll off " or roro before the long holiday commemorating the death of Jesus Christ .

" We are confident that this holiday will be an increase in passengers from Java to Sumatra or otherwise from Sumatra to Java , " said Public Relations Branch ASDP Merak Mario Sardadi Utomo when contacted on Thursday ( 17/4 ) .

He said it still operate as many as 28 roro vessel to serve the long holiday .

Possible increase in passengers from different areas on the island of Java to Sumatra occurred early morning .
Currently , he said , has not seen a surge in passengers .

" We continue to improve the services that the Merak - Bakauheni run smoothly , " he said .

According to him , ASDP Merak is committed to providing the best service for the people who use the crossing .
" We continue to serve the travelers reverse flow as well as possible without congestion , " he added .

He also said that the ASDP Merak roro ships operate a fleet of as many as 28 trips to reach the target Merak - Bakauheni over 90 trips .

Traveling over 90 trips would not occur and the buildup of passengers queue at the port of Merak .
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" We remain alert to deploy a fleet of some 28 roro vessel to expedite the voyage, " he said . He explained that the ships operated it very worthy to serve Merak - Bakauheni so can guarantee the safety of passengers .

Therefore , it is always coordinated with the Port Authority Crossings ( OPP ) and Kesyahbandaran . " We prioritize the safety of our passengers and conduct daily inspections and checking the ship's engines , " he said .


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