Tuesday, April 8, 2014

In the quiet period, the campaign via BBM or SMS could be convicted

On April 9 , which falls on Thursday tomorrow , will be carried out simultaneously election to choose candidates for the Board . Due to have entered a period of calm , all things including the campaigns are required to stop .

However , until now , there still remain many parties to campaign openly or covertly as well . Therefore , there will be a strict punishment or a criminal offense for violating election .

The assertion was made Coordinator of the Division of Law and Violation Handling Kotim Supervisory Committee , responding Tohari still rampant outstanding short messages and social networking that contain a call or request support for a particular candidate or candidates who sent the supporters .

Tohari asserted that such actions clearly violated the rules because now entering a quiet period which should not be longer exist in any form campaigns by political parties and candidates .

"Today is a quiet day with no campaign , no matter what form the campaign , " he said , as quoted by Reuters ( 07 / 04 ) .

Quiet period set for three days later from Sunday until Tuesday . During these three days , there should be no more campaigns in any form and by anyone .

But in fact , many people who claim to receive short messages through various channels that it requests support for candidates of a particular party in the election on Wednesday.
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In addition to spreading the message short , some candidates or their supporters are campaigning to put the status of support for candidates on the status of the BlackBerry Messenger ( BBM ) them .

This method is effective because it can go a lot of goals in a way that is very easy and fast . In addition , this method is perceived to be difficult to stop by the Supervisory Committee so that more candidates that utilize the way in


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