Saturday, April 19, 2014

PPP Secretary General: Support SDA Not Result Rapimnas

Internal conflicts the United Development Party ( PPP ) has not expired . Decision chairman Suryadharma Ali ( SDA ) support Prabowo opposed because they did not fit the party mechanism .

PPP General Secretary M Romahurmuziy ( Romi ) said , support the proposed SDA is not the result of a national leadership meeting ( rapimnas ) .

In fact , it is mandated Mukernas rapimnas II PPP last February in London .

That is , he said , the PPP organizational officially decided not to support any one candidate .

At least , before there are results from rapimnas which will be held on Saturday ( 19/4 ) night .

" As stipulated in London Mukernas II PPP support the establishment candidate is decided in rapimnas , and new rapimnas held Saturday at the office of PPP , " he said .

According to him , rapimnas will be held according to the rules of AD / ART PPP . Included will be attended by most of the central leadership .
( Read: suara anis merah )

Starting from the daily board , the entire DPW chairman and chairman of the panel . Like the Sharia Council , Advisory Council , the Assembly of Experts to the Court Party .


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