Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"If It Buried Avalanche, Hope Soon Meet My Child's body"

Families of two victims buried by landslides in Malang , East Java , hope the bodies of the two victims could soon be found even though the terrain is difficult and the search is stopped temporarily due to heavy rain .

"The family hopes , his body was soon to be found , if it is really buried under the debris avalanche , " said Sampur , father of Prayudi , one of the dead , at the site of the landslide , Tuesday ( 04/22/2014 ) .

According Sampur , his son , Prayudi , was looking for grass under the cliffs at the landslide site .

" He's looking for grass to feed the cows . Due tomorrow morning will help out neighbors who have a celebration . Turns out he did not return and was buried by landslides known to have died , " he said .

Prayudi , leaving a wife and daughter who were aged 4 years . When asked if there was an inkling in advance , Sampur admitted no .

" There is no inkling anything . None to his wife . Families have started leaving Prayudi resigned . , But , hopefully his body could be found , " he hoped .

Family and local residents as well as local police believe the two victims were buried by landslides because according to the testimony of two witnesses , namely Suwadi , Yasto and Agus , both victims of sickle borrow before looking for grass to the location of the landslide .

" Both victims had a chance to borrow a sickle to Suwadi and Yasto , prior to the landslide site . Said would look for grass . Usually two or three hours the victim was home . Apparently, until the second night had not come home , " he said .

" In the vicinity of the landslide residents find bentelan grass belonging to both victims . Bike and not far from the location of the landslide . Sure we both are buried by landslides , " he added later .

Previously reported , the landslide occurred April 21 around 15:30 pm in the forests of South Bambang perhutani , Hamlet Pandanrejo , Bambang Village , District Wajak , Malang . As a result of the landslide , there are two people allegedly died in the name of Yajid ( 35 ) , resident of RT 24 RW Kradjan Hamlet Village Bambang Subdistrict 08 Wajak Malang .
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The second victim was Prayudi ( 28 ) , resident of RT 34 RW Pandanrejo village 11 village Bambang Wajak District of Malang. Chronology of events , on Sunday ( 20/04/2014 ) , at 09.00 am , the victim went to the woods looking for grass to feed livestock . Until Monday ( 21/04/2014 ) morning , the two victims have not been back to the house . Since Tuesday ( 22/04/2014 ) afternoon while the search is stopped , because of heavy rain .


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