Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Former Patient Disconnect Earth Thunder Demands

Irfani , former patients Earth Thunder ( GB ) , was about to pull out his demands . He intends to take the path of peace .

Previously , Guntur Earth Irfani reported for fraud while treatment at a health clinic . Now he just wants the money that was paid as dowry in alternative medicine to Earth Thunder returned .

" Our consideration is enough to drop the charges was pleased to see GB arrested . Actually , our commitment so that he does not repeat again , " said attorney Irfani , Kris Sam , in the Metro Jaya Police Headquarters , Tuesday ( 05/13/2014 ) .

Kris said , money amounting to Rp 76.2 million Irfani ever paid as dowry has been restored . Guntur parties have approached Earth yesterday , Monday ( 05/12/2014 ) .
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" But , this baseball refunds can then stop the criminal . These cases have the authority of an investigator , " said Kris .

He said , at the time of reporting the Earth Thunder , his client in a state of urgency . Irfani feel cheated after running out of money . Kris also said the current focus as a lawyer of the victims is how his client got a refund .

" Now the demands of victims ask refundable ( money ) , " he said .

Previously , the husband was detained in Bed Puput Jakarta Police since May 5, 2014 last . Earth Thunder named as a suspect of fraud against two former clinic patients in treatment , namely Abdul Aziz and Irfani . According to Guntur Earth , both exposed to witchcraft and had to pay a dowry of up to tens of millions of dollars .


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